Gorelemmings Find Way to Link Global Warming to Early Farmers

Ever since people started posing the question, “If man-made global warming started with the industrial revolution, how can you explain spikes in heat and carbon dioxide levels thousands of years ago?” the climate change money-grubbers have been struggling with a way to cover that little hole in their theory.

Now, researchers at the University of Virginia and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County think they may have made up — er, I mean “discovered” — the “missing link” of climate change:

The US scientists believe that small populations released carbon emissions as they cleared large tracts of land to produce relatively meagre amounts of food.

They were much less efficient than farmers using today’s agricultural practices because there were no constraints on land.
According to the researchers, today’s population of six billion people uses about 90% less land per person for growing food than the early farming societies.

William Ruddiman, the paper’s lead author and emeritus professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, said the early farmers were likely to have cleared land by burning forests, planted crop seeds among the dead stumps and moved on to a new area once the yields declined.

“They used more land for farming because they had little incentive to maximise yield from less land, and because there was plenty of forest to burn. They may have inadvertently altered the climate,” he said.

It contains my favorite scientific conclusion, “may have,” so it must be true.

The downside for the climate change bunch is that, in order to prove their point about farming methods thousands of years ago, they’re forced to admit how much more efficient, clean and environmentally-friendly modern methods are.

Bottom line: Just shut up and keep giving Al Gore money, filthy, you earth-destroying, overpopulating peasants!

Author: Doug Powers

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