Time For Another Episode of ‘Government Math’ — Today’s Guest Star: Robert Gibbs

The star of today’s episode is White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who won $50 in a bet with a reporter (as if the mainstream media industry needs help losing money).

With that in mind, here’s today’s episode of “Government Math”:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was $50 dollars richer Wednesday after he won a friendly wager with a reporter.

In a morning gaggle with the White House press corps, April Ryan, a reporter with American Urban Radio Network, and Gibbs squabbled over this question on the president’s push for health care: Did Gibbs ever say Obama wouldn’t personally go somewhere (like Capitol Hill) because he didn’t have a home field advantage.

Gibbs instantly said, “I never insinuated the President wouldn’t go somewhere because he didn’t have an advantage.”

But Ryan hastily pushed back: “No you did. In the briefing you said that.”

Gibbs then offered to give Ryan $20 bucks if she could find that transcript.

“Make it $50,” Ryan snapped back.

I’d like three $20s and a $10 please,” said Gibbs…

If he’d have been talking to a member of Congress, I’m sure they wouldn’t have even batted an eye at handing over that amount.

Gibbs won the bet, by the way, but judging with how thrilled he was to win $50, I’m guessing he’s lost more of these bets than he’s won:

Author: Doug Powers

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