Article About Bill and Hillary’s Vacation Helps Facilitate Diet

Thanks to the New York Daily News, I might be skipping dinner tonight. The more you read, the worse it gets:

Hurricane Bill grew into a powerful Category 4 storm on Wednesday and threatened to skirt Bermuda – and possibly ruin Bill and Hillary Clinton’s romantic vacation plans.

The only thing that could ruin their romantic vacation plans would be if their respective dates didn’t show up, but regardless, at least Bill’s the one doing the majority of the blowing this time.

The former President and the secretary of state arrived Wednesday on Bermuda, where their daughter, Chelsea, was conceived 30 years ago.

Too… much… information… But hey, somebody please check Webb Hubbell’s diary. I’m just curious about something.

The Clintons planned to stay through the weekend, but Hurricane Bill may force them to leave early, the Bermuda Sun reported.

The former First Couple looked at their old love nest in the Horizons cottage colony in Paget, but it’s been downgraded to a bed-and-breakfast, so the Clintons opted for the Cambridge Beaches resort, the paper said.

This used to be the place the Bill would whisper sweet nothing’s into Hillary’s ear after sex, but there’s a fear that if the storm takes the phone lines down, he won’t be able to call her.

The plush adult-only resort has a “clothing optional” sky deck and occasionally hosts sex seminars to improve couples’ relationships.

Make it stop!

And what are the odds that some poor Bermudian bellhop is going to get this lecture after simply trying to make polite conversation with Hillary:

Author: Doug Powers

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