Dickweed Summit: Geraldo Runs Into Henry Gates On Martha’s Vineyard

It looks like the ground-breaking “beer summit” that Obama had in order to get Professor Gates and Officer Crowley to find common ground was a rousing success. Before the summit, Gates thought Crowley was a racist, profiling cop. But after the summit, Gates thinks that Crowley is a racist, profiling cop.

Not only that, but Gates — the man so oppressed by America that he’s forced to vacation on that slum of an island (when you’re trying to get away from whitey, there’s no better place to go than Martha’s Vineyard) — claims Obama really doesn’t regret saying the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” before going into a lecture about the history of race issues in America.

Geraldo failed to ask Gates this question: With both you and President Obama vacationing here and Hurricane Bill on the way, do you think the hurricane is profiling?

I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard before, and now I’m far less likely to go back knowing that Geraldo is wandering around:

Author: Doug Powers

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