Team Obama Only Half-Staffed, But It Already Feels Like America’s Taken the Full Staff

You have to hand it to them… spending over $2 trillion in only seven months and seeking to spend another few trillion on Obamacare with less than half a staff is quite the feat. I don’t even want to see how much they can spend fully staffed:

As President Obama tries to turn around a summer of setbacks, he finds himself still without most of his own team. Seven months into his presidency, fewer than half of his top appointees are in place advancing his agenda.

Of more than 500 senior policymaking positions requiring Senate confirmation, just 43 percent have been filled — a reflection of a White House that grew more cautious after several nominations blew up last spring, a Senate that is intensively investigating nominees and a legislative agenda that has consumed both.

Obama’s in a tricky spot… trying to hire people who are experienced at stealing money from people but who don’t have criminal records has to be a frustrating process.

But if advancing his entire agenda depends on having a full staff, let’s hope the search takes several years. There’s no telling how big the deficit will be with Team Obama at full strength — as Adam said to Eve, “stand back, I don’t know how big this thing’s gonna get…”

Update from comments: L.D. pretty much sums it up:

Obama does not need have a full team because he already has a totally different team of government in the Czars and their staffs – so why does he need to really use the true Government when he has his OWN!

Author: Doug Powers

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