Chris Matthews is Wrong to Say Obama is the Last Kennedy Brother

Chris Matthews, remembering Ted Kennedy on the Today Show, said that Barack Obama is the last remaining Kennedy brother.

As the only Kennedy brother who never had a shot at Marilyn Monroe, Obama might feel like he lost out, if Matthews’ proclamation wasn’t so asinine in the first place. But that aside, if Chris is serious about this, he’s forgetting about some people. If Barack Obama is a Kennedy brother now, that would mean that the president is not the last Kennedy brother. How about some props for George Hussein Onyango Obama in Kenya? No Kennedy status for the brother of the last Kennedy brother?

Here’s George in his pre-Kennedy days:


Welcome to Camelot, George!

So don’t believe Chris Matthews for one second — there are at least two remaining Kennedy brothers. One has had a bit of legal trouble, but that shouldn’t matter at all — we’re talkin’ politics here.

Now that I think about it, using Chris Matthews’ benchmark, there’s also one remaining Kennedy aunt, one remaining Kennedy grandmother, and a crapload of half-Kennedys — including those who might be surprised that they’re now Kennedy sisters!

Camelot has been reborn in one great, big Chris Matthews mental breakdown! Chris had better be careful though, or he might find himself being held responsible for a whole bunch of people trying to move into the Kennedy compound.

Here’s Matthews crying out for another intravenous load of Thorazine. I still can’t believe this guy hasn’t gotten carpal tunnel syndrome from choking the Hope chicken so frequently:

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Author: Doug Powers

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