Ted Kennedy Dies: Gird Your Health Care Loins

Senator Ted Kennedy has died.

Prepare for the nauseatingly long and shameless exploitation of the death of somebody with a lifelong dream of government-run health care for everybody except rich politicians. When it comes to the health care battle, for the left, Ted’s death will provide a spark in the health care war — the quasi-equivalent of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

We’re about to be made to believe that St. Peter will not allow Ted to ascend to his eternal reward unless Obamacare is passed before Thanksgiving.

Also prepare for a major attempt to thwart the Mass. law that Ted helped write and to place another Kennedy in Ted’s seat — if there’s not already one in it already this morning.

That said, Kennedy was a consummately skilled politician from the consummate political family, and this is an irreplaceable loss for the Democrats and the Kennedy family.

Here’s Ted’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last year — one of his last public speeches:

Author: Doug Powers

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