AARP Poll: 8 Out of 10 Support Public Option, Whatever That Is

I’m sure this survey wasn’t weighted in any one particular direction — nope, nuh-uh:

While eight of 10 Americans say they favor a public health insurance option, fewer than four in 10 can define what that option is, an AARP survey indicates.
The nationwide poll surveyed 1,000 adults identifying themselves Democrats, Republicans or independents this month. No margin of error was provided.

And an amazing 10 out of 10 think you should join AARP! It’s amazing.

That’s interesting, considering 46% of seniors in a recent poll said they were “strongly opposed” to the government getting their snout deeper in the health care business.

So, half the people in the AARP poll who support a public option don’t even know what a public option is? Sounds like reason enough to move forward with it!

These AARP members sure don’t seem to like the idea though.

I think something was a little biased about the AARP survey — here’s what they handed out:


Author: Doug Powers

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