Joe Biden Beats the Health Care Straw-Man Unrecognizable

Vice President Biden is now heading up the White House’s “Realty Check” push. That in and of itself is funny enough, but in a posting on the White House website, Biden begins his reality check by perpetuating an almost immediate myth: That those opposed to Obamacare think the current health system is just hunky-dory.

This point alone deserves a reality check. We don’t oppose Obamacare necessarily because the current system is a gem — but because a great deal of the reason the current system is screwed up is because of the same people who are trying to “reform” it now. Obamacare is a trial lawyer power-grab that will breed the reason health care is currently so expensive, not render it extinct — and that’s just one reason we oppose it.

Another reason we oppose Obamacare is not because the current system is grand, but because you “reformers” have done nothing but screwed up everything you’ve touched for the past several years, and the frequency and scope of the incompetence, idiocy, theft, Marxist leanings, lies and desperation is increasing exponentially.

In other words, just because I don’t want a deaf, dumb and blind thief to take the wheel of the school bus doesn’t necessarily mean I’m thrilled with the current driver.

Here’s Pluggers letting us know that he’s from the government and he’s here to help us. Stand up, Chuck!

Author: Doug Powers

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