The Daily Kos Has Some Uplifting News… For Republicans

If you’re a conservative, Republican, or a pro-freedom non-Democrat of any stripe, an unlikely source for such information has some good news for you. Markos Moulitsas from The Daily Kos — after examining some trending data that could have lefties whizzing a fine, environmentally-friendly mist — concludes this way:

At current rates, any 2010 losses would not stem from any resurgence in conservative ideology — Republicans are simply not making any significant gains anywhere — but in a loss of confidence in Democrats. There’s a way to change that dynamic — deliver on the promises made the last two election cycles. Failure to do that would make cynics out of too many idealistic political newcomers, while turning off base activists who do the hard on-the-ground work of winning elections.

Seems pretty obvious out here, outside the Beltway, and the numbers bear it out, but there’s no indication that Democratic Party leaders in DC — from Obama to Reid — are fully aware of how dangerously close they are to setting the stage for an electoral drubbing in 2010.

Agreed — Obama, Reid and Pelosi have no idea how dangerously close they are to a whuppin’ in 2010, and as of this moment, the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals feel obligated to warn them that the danger exists.

Author: Doug Powers

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