Ben & Jerry’s Goes Gay

If you’re ever in the mood for a frozen dessert that with every bite will remind you of two hairy, sweaty men having sex, then the anti-capitalist hippie capitalists at Ben & Jerry’s have a treat for you:

Ben and Jerry’s has changed the name of one of its best-selling ice creams to Hubby Hubby, in celebration of the legalisation of gay marriage in its home state of Vermont.

The Hubby Hubby tub feautures a picture of two men getting married. The flavour formerly known as Chubby Hubby will be sold under the playful new name for the length of September.

I personally would have opted to call it “Meltin’ John,” “Mustachio Almond,” John Berry,” “Boysenberry George,” or “Harvey Milk Chocolate,” but it wasn’t my call.

Here’s what the container looks like.


Did they really need to mention fudge?

If Ben & Jerry ever buy the Oscar Meyer company and try a similar tribute, imagine the packaging possibilities.

Author: Doug Powers

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