The Duggars Aren’t the Problem

Yeah, the Duggars announced they’re having their 19th child. Sure, jokes like “Hey lady, it’s a vagina, not a clown car” have been thrown around for years. Yes, there are many “I hate the Duggars” style groups on Facebook. But some people need to get a grip — the Duggars aren’t the problem.

There’s a lot of misdirected hatred for the Duggar family. Here’s just one example:

When Meredith Viera says, “The Duggar family is here and they have a very special announcement,” you know it can’t be good news. And it isn’t, if you’re at all concerned about overpopulation or the health of Michelle’s vagina. You guessed it—Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were just thrilled to announce that they’re expecting their 19th child.

Read some of the comments that followed that blog post — or don’t. You probably can guess what they’re like.

Here’s another camper who’s unhappy with the Duggars breeding habits.

How come these people never freak about “overpopulation” and such when they read about, say, Latrica Ryan, a 29-year-old single mother with ten kids, aged two months to 13 years (at the time the story was written) who is on public assistance no less? This woman is the Chuck Yeager of irresponsible breeders, and yet this article nearly lionizes here as some sort of hero.

The Duggars, to my knowledge, earn their own money. Sure, they no doubt get paid for a reality show and have been in advertisements, but the last time I checked these are all private-sector ventures, and as such, each time the Duggars have another kid, no money is sucked from my paycheck to support the latest addition.

In reality, the left’s abhorrence of the Duggars has nothing to do with overpopulation worries in the global and environmental sense — that’s just the convenient excuse. The truth is that the Duggars are a massive culmination of everything the left can’t stand: Self-sufficient, vehemently pro-life, and proud and unapologetic Christians who aren’t in the market for a nanny-state — an abject threat to the “progressive” visions for America if there ever was one.

The Duggars are contributing to over-population alright… an over-population of non-liberals, and that’s the real reason behind the loathing.

If the Duggars are raising moral, educated, self-sufficient, conscientious kids who won’t look to the government and taxpayers to fund their very existence — the world needs more of them, not less. I hope each of their 19 kids has 19 kids too. Pump ’em out like a Play-Doh fun factory, Duggar family, and maybe we won’t end up with an idiocracy after all.

It’s a little perplexing though — You’d think that liberals would love the Duggars, because if they weren’t so self-sufficient, imagine how much thicker the crowd around the government teat would be.

Author: Doug Powers

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