‘Freaky Ads Friday’ Continues: AIDS Awareness PSA Depicts Sex With Hitler

There must be a full moonbat out today in the realm of commercials and public service announcements. If the World Wildlife Fund ad I posted earlier wasn’t over-the-top enough in its incredibly misdirected comparisons, try this one:

An Aids-awareness advert depicting Adolf Hitler having unprotected sex has been condemned by mainstream health charities for stigmatising people infected with the virus.

The provocative commercial, which ends with the tag-line “AIDS is a mass murder”, aims to scare young people into using condoms by associating the deadly disease with the German dictator.

In the highly-sexualised clip which can only be shown after the watershed, a couple undress and begin to make love in a dimly-lit bedroom.

But what appears to be a typical, if steamy, advert for perfume or underwear takes a macabre twist when the camera pans to man’s face at the moment of climax – revealing him to be Adolf Hitler.

The commercial has been released to coincide with 2009 World Aids Day, but established HIV/Aids charities have distanced themselves from its message, saying that it could make life more difficult for sufferers.

As near as I can tell, the only message young people might take from this is “Don’t have sex with Hitler.”

**Warning: This is kind of graphic, but frankly I had no idea that Eva Braun was that hot:

They didn’t show the very end, when Goebbels barged in the room and ruined the moment.

Update: Nancy Pelosi suspects this couple met at an extreme right-wing town hall protest.

Author: Doug Powers

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