Nut Case Jihad: Tsunami vs. 9/11 Ad

This is one of the nuttier things I’ve seen in a while, and given the past few months, that’s an incredible statement to make.

This “botched ad” is evidence of the kind of loons that are out there. The World Wildlife Fund blames their ad agency in Brazil, and has apologized for the “mistake.”

The ad, that must be spankfest porn to people like Van Jones, is getting pulled here and there from You Tube, so if the below clip no longer works, a saved copy can be found here:

If they’re saying that 9/11 is merely a lesser form of a large natural tragedy — like the tsunami was — are we also supposed to respect and protect that which carried out 9/11 too, namely terrorists? Since they falsely refer to 9/11 as a “tragedy,” I assume there are some people who believe so.

As far as the earth goes, the ad also doesn’t point out why we would want to “respect” and “protect” a planet that washed away hundreds of thousands of lives in just a few minutes. Are they saying that the tsunami was caused by a lack of respect? Are they saying that acts of terrorism wouldn’t happen if only we would “respect” those who carry out the attacks? Don’t bother — trying to figure these loons out will drive you even crazier than they are, so I don’t recommend it. Even some libs were offended by this tripe.

The ad wasn’t just a fly by night whim, either, as it’s being portrayed. It’s been around a while and even gotten some moonbat accolades. The ad was even entered into the Cannes Film Festival.

Author: Doug Powers

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