Rep. Conyers Doesn’t Read Bills Before Voting or News Stories Before Criticizing

We know that the super-liberal sleazewad John Conyers doesn’t read the bills he votes on, but now we find out that he bashes reporters for writing stories he didn’t bother to read as well. Conyers is consistent, but as you’ll see, that’s offset by his horrendous grammar skills:

Hamtramck Review’s Charles Sercombe, who serves as both editor and reporter for the small paper, was taken to task Monday night by U.S. Congressman John Conyers for publishing an article last week about a hate crime forum.

The article, headlined “‘Hate Crime’ Meeting May Turn Into a Confrontation,” led Conyers to chastise Sercombe before nearly 100 people Monday night during the meeting.

“This is what is wrong with press,” Conyers said, holding up a copy of the newspaper. “There hasn’t been any town hall meetings [on health care reform] disrupted lately, but [the media] are still writing about it.”

Conyers noted that the disruptions were part of a national Republican strategy, then said, “This doesn’t raise to that level.”

Sercombe who was standing at the back of the Church asked Conyers to read his story before chastising him.

“Were you hoping for a confrontation?” Conyers asked Sercombe. “I resent that writing and you and I are going to have a good conversation.”

“Read the story,” Sercombe said.

“After I read the story, we’ll have an even gooder conversation,” the 44-year veteran Congressman said to Sercombe.

Once Conyers’ thug wife is in jail for corruption, hopefully he’ll have a little extra time on his hands with which to read the bills he votes on as well as news stories before criticizing them.

Conyers is reportedly facing a tough re-election battle next year. With any luck he’ll be sent away soon — Michigan and the country in general would be a gooder place.

Here’s Conyers explaining why he doesn’t read the bills in the House. In Michigan, proud of two things: John Conyers, and our gift for extreme sarcasm:

Author: Doug Powers

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