Obama’s School Speech Being Protested By… Marion Barry?

Glenn Thrush at Politico expects a crack police force to arrest DC Councilman and former DC Mayor Marion Barry today for blocking the entrance to the Dept. of Education building during President Obama’s recruitment speech to school kids:

DC Councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry is likely to be arrested today.

Barry, a convert to the voucher cause, will be blocking the entrance to the Department of Education building during President Obama’s speech to protest the gradual phasing out of the DC school voucher program, according to organizers.

The event, organized by Parents for DC Choice, along with Councilman Kevin Chavous, and Dr. Howard Fuller, will target DOE Secretary Arne Duncan, who won’t be in the building.

It’s been weeks since Barry was last arrested, so he’s obviously missing it.

Remember, Marion — when the cops approach, pipe down, act casual.

Author: Doug Powers

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