Palin Responds to Obama Speech, Wins ‘Quote of the Day’ Award

Sarah Palin has posted a good response to Obama’s speech to Congress last night on how only government can fix the problems that have been mostly created by government.

And within the mix, she has this gem:

Finally, President Obama delivered an offhand applause line tonight about the cost of the War on Terror. As we approach the anniversary of the September 11th attacks and honor those who died that day and those who have died since in the War on Terror, in order to secure our freedoms, we need to remember their sacrifices and not demonize them as having had too high a price tag.

First of all, it’s “Overseas contingency operation in response to man-made disaster” and not “war on terror” in reponse to “terrorist attacks.” Get with the proper lingo, Sarah!

Other than that, Palin’s response is a good read and full of so much common sense that the left won’t be able to comprehend it, so they’ll simply dismiss both the article and the author as “stupid.”

Author: Doug Powers

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