How Large Was the Protest Crowd? Big Enough to Rattle Some Nerves


It seems today that the biggest debate isn’t over political philosophies, but rather how large the crowd was at yesterday’s taxpayer march on Washington. I wasn’t there so I can’t make a firsthand guess, but the attendance was certainly higher than the 30,000 (ridiculously understated low end), and it doesn’t quite look like the 2 million (high end) that has been claimed by some.

I marched into football games with 75,000 other people on numerous occasions, and the shots I’ve seen from Washington yesterday seem to eclipse that by far. British press, who have far fewer dogs in this fight than the American press, say “up to 2 million” were there. If I had to take an uneducated guess based on what I watched for a couple of hours and other pictures from that day, I’d say a quarter of a million and ‘change’ — if you’ll pardon the expression — but without a full aerial shot of the area, it’s difficult to tell. (Update: People have since posted links and emailed me aerial pictures and yeah, it’s certainly more than a quarter mil)

But even a quarter-million would be a huge number, especially when we consider that these aren’t just dependency culture gimme-gimmes and rent-a-mob freaks who showed up because somebody was thinking about taking away the government program they depend on (anybody can get a throng of people to show up when there’s a cash-teat that needs sucklings), these are people with jobs.

The NY Times reported that the size of the crowd “took authorities by surprise” — and in spite of attempts made to attribute the entire movement to some planned and organized effort (on behalf of Ron Paul, “birther” movements, racist organizations, etc), even the Times reported that “many came on their own and were not part of an organization or group.”

The real answer to “how many were there?” is this: Enough to make many, many politicians nervous — and enough to make their silence deafening.

Here’s a time-lapse taken from a traffic camera showing the throng of people marching toward the Capitol:

But just look at the devastation left behind by these extreme right-wing environmental rapists. How horrible!


Oh wait, that was the aftermath of Obama’s inauguration, where the guardians of Mother Earth who were going to “clean up this town” and save the world from polluters celebrated the coronation of The One by offering a preview of what the entire country will look like in a few years if this bunch gets their way.

The ground after the 9/12 rally was left as clean as it was found.

Update: Mark Hemingway at NRO has a good first-hand account of yesterday’s march, including a hat-tip to a “well endowed redhead wearing a ‘Boob-Czar’ shirt.”

Author: Doug Powers

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