Today’s ‘Facepalm’ Moment Brought to You By Ted Kennedy Jr.

I just ran across this on the USA Today’s website and had to re-read it 15 times to make sure my mind wasn’t playing a cruel joke on me, but nope, there it is:

Ted Kennedy Jr., the oldest son of the late senator Edward Kennedy, answered with an intriguing “maybe” this morning when USA TODAY asked whether he’d be interested in following his famous father (and his younger brother, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I.) into politics.
“Maybe I’ll run for public office. I haven’t crossed that bridge yet,” Ted Jr. said. “But I think my father’s message to me growing up was that you don’t necessarily need to run for public office in order to make a difference. The important thing is to find a way to give back to our communities. That’s the lesson I learned from dad.”

Um… yah. Ted is gone, but the lack of compunction lives on in his offspring.


Author: Doug Powers

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