Glenn Beck: The Manure Portrait

When you have a hand in putting people like Van Jones and ACORN in deep shit, some of it is bound to spill over:

Artist Michael Murphy has chosen an unlikely medium for his portrait of Fox’s Glenn Beck: manure.

The painting, according to Murphy’s site, is composed of “bull shit and pigment” on canvas. (Indeed, there are photos of the artist blending his materials).

Here’s the crappy portrait:


But as you know, manure helps things grow — maybe even populist movements (if you’ll pardon the expression), so be careful here buddy! I can’t help but wonder if any NEA money goes to this artist, because it would validate Beck’s point in the process.

Actually, this portrait should be hanging in the halls of Congress. The place might as well smell as bad as it legislates — if it doesn’t already.

Or maybe this artist could do a portrait of the Obamacare bill instead. Do you work in snake-oils, Mr. Murphy?

Author: Doug Powers

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