World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Resigns to Give Chris Dodd a Smackdown

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd is already down in the polls to a current Republican challenger, and how he has another challenger about to jump into the ring from the top turnbuckle:

Pro wrestling executive Linda McMahon has never been shy about wading into the ring — and now she’s plotting a smackdown of Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd.

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. said Wednesday McMahon has resigned as the company’s chief executive to seek the Republican nomination for Dodd’s Connecticut seat, providing a show-business twist to one of the nation’s marquee Senate races.

McMahon, 60, launched her candidacy saying the five-term incumbent Dodd has “lost his way and our trust.” Dodd plans to run for a sixth term next year and is seen as one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats.

When somebody in the pro wrestling business thinks you have an integrity problem, you have an integrity problem.

I wish Mrs. McMahon all the luck in the world. The differences between politics and professional wrestling are minimal (with the exception that there are far fewer crooks in wrestling and McMahon would be one of the few politicians who has ever run a successful business), so this would be a smooth transition — and Chris Dodd would be where he and his ilk have helped put so many others: In the unemployment line. Thank God he got that low mortgage rate!

Here’s Linda in action — all they need to do is Photoshop Chris Dodd’s face over the guy on the right of the screen and put a Countrywide logo on his jacket, and they’ve got a winning campaign ad:

Author: Doug Powers

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