Report: ACORN May File Criminal Complaint Against Pimp & Ho (aka James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles)

It’s getting so a community organizer can’t even offer advice about the international sex trafficking of underage girls and money laundering without some crooked blog reporter coming along and breaking the law:

Former employees of the beleaguered community activist group ACORN are planning to file a criiminal complaint in Baltimore against the creators of the series of videos that have spurred outrage against the organization, knowledgable sources have told Investigative Voice.

The filing could come as soon as Friday afternoon, sources said.

The criminal complaint will allege that recordings of the group’s employees giving advice on how to evade taxes and house underage South American sex workers to journalists posing as a pimp and prostitute were obtained illegally.

Getting sued by ACORN for doing something illegally is like being called a fat slob by Michael Moore.

I don’t think this will happen for a couple of reasons. 1) Government prosecutors are already looking into the matter so there might be no need for an ACORN suit, and 2) Does ACORN really want anybody looking deeper into their operation as might happen if people are forced to defend themselves and/or called as witnesses at a trial? If ACORN is smart they’ll let this all go quietly and get back to their business of forging voter signatures. And ACORN mustn’t forget, they still have 75 staunch allies in the House of Representatives.

Now don’t forget to pick up a copy of ACORN’s latest self-help manual, available in the lobby on your way out of the courthouse:


Author: Doug Powers

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