Limbaugh to Take Leno’s ‘Green Car Challenge’

This story highlights the fact that Rush Limbaugh has said that electric cars will never catch on unless the government forces them to catch on (which is what ruined the auto industry in the first place), but with an appearance on the Jay Leno Show, Rush will probably provide more promotion to the electric Ford Focus than the government ever could, so I wouldn’t call Limbaugh anti-electric car — and he’ll probably give Jay a big ratings boost in the process:

America, are you ready for Rush Limbaugh in an electric car?

The conservative talk show host has agreed to take Jay Leno’s “Green Car Challenge.”

In the segment airing next Thursday on NBC’s “Jay Leno Show,” Limbaugh will race an electric Ford Focus around a custom-built track beside Leno’s studio, the show’s representative confirmed.

The “Green Car Challenge” segment makes its debut on the primetime show tomorrow night. Celebrities who participate drive two times around the twisty track, which takes a little less than a minute to complete.

Bob Costas, Al Michaels and Drew Barrymore will have all set times to beat once Rush gets behind the wheel. Michael Moore was on Leno early last week — I wonder why they didn’t give him a shot at it too?

If Leno really wants to set hybrid speed records, he should have his producers get in touch with Al Gore’s kid, who is the Chuck Yeager of eco cars.

Have you ever seen electric car drag racing? Without the roar of the engines and the burning tires, it’s a little like watching a G-rated orgy, so I don’t think it’ll ever catch on:

Author: Doug Powers

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