When Smart People Play Dumb: Hope, Change & ACORN Edition

President Obama went into full Sgt. Schultz mode this morning on George Stephenopoulos’ program. He even pretended to be unaware that ACORN gets “a whole lot of federal funds.” Now that’s funny!

I guess Obama is like Congress and doesn’t read the bills he signs off on either, because the funding for ACORN was in the stimulus bill. In fairness to Obama though, billions of dollars is isn’t considered “a whole lot” in Washington.

It’s amazing how even the brightest, most attentive, wisest micro-manager can be mostly unaware of the details of a glaring story like this when it might make him look bad.

Obama also insinuates that the whole mess is below his pay grade and not really worth his time to worry about in the first place. ACORN, you’ve been cut loose.

Another one under the bus!

At least he didn’t reference the incriminating tapes by saying “That isn’t the ACORN I knew.”

Give Stephenopoulos credit for not pretending that he hadn’t heard about the story like Charlie Gibson, who uses ignorance as cover for his own bias.

ACORN? Who’s that?


(h/t HotAirPundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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