Senate to Get Masks to Wear, Several Decades Too Late


Finally, the crooks are getting masks — it’s a little late though, because we’ve already seen their faces, but at least they’re trying:

Capitol alert for H1N1 outbreak; senators and staff to get masks

Senate officials are holding internal planning exercises this week to prepare for a swine flu outbreak that could hobble congressional offices.

There’s an upside to every crisis, I suppose. If they’re trying to scare us, that’s the wrong way to phrase it.

At least Robert Byrd is good to go — He stored his old Kleagle hood and mask in moth balls for just such an emergency.

Is anybody seriously panicked at the thought of Congress missing a bit of work? I feel like a Spanish prisoner in the 1400’s who’s been told Torquemada might call in sick. Good!

Hopefully the outbreak isn’t too severe, lest the Sensenbrenner Bill kick in and force the rest of us to drag our flu-addled butts to the polls to elect a whole new batch of weasels.

Author: Doug Powers

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