Newspaper Offers Sarah Palin a ‘Broad’ Apology

We’ve grown accustomed to the anti-Palin, pro-Obama slant of the media, both news and entertainment…


…and of course David Letterman has commented on Palin’s “slutty flight attendant” look and joked about A-Rod knocking up her daughter — and Chris Matthews once stopped humping Obama’s leg long enough to suggest that Palin is illiterate, but I don’t think I’ve heard Sarah Palin called a “broad” before by a mainstream newspaper.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner has issued the following apology to Sarah Palin:

Today I must apologize to Mrs. Palin personally and on behalf of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner for the choice of words used on the bottom of Wednesday’s front page regarding her speaking engagement in Hong Kong this week to a group of global investors.

We used offensive language — “A broad in Asia” — above a small photograph of the former governor to direct readers inside the newspaper to a full story of her Hong Kong appearance.

There can be no argument that our use of the word “broad” is anything but offensive. To use this word to describe someone of the stature of the former governor — who is also the former vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party — only adds to the anger that many people appropriately feel.

The full apology is here.

Many in the media have called Sarah Palin — not to mention her family — much worse than a “broad,” that’s for sure. I’m not even positive that Sarah would be offended at being called a broad anyway — and maybe she shouldn’t be. I like “broads.” I like hanging around with “broads.” I’d vote for a “broad” over a conniving theorist who’s never spent a day of his or her life in the real world any day of the week.

Author: Doug Powers

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