Going Postal on Obamacare

I’ll take the government more seriously about having anything to do with the health system in this country when they can first get houses they already run in order:

The U.S. Postal Service, struggling with a massive deficit caused by plummeting mail volume, spends more than a million dollars each week to pay thousands of employees to sit in empty rooms and do nothing.

It’s a practice called “standby time,” and it has existed for years — but postal employees say it was rarely used until this year. Now, postal officials say, the agency is averaging about 45,000 hours of standby time every week — the equivalent of having 1,125 full-time employees sitting idle, at a cost of more than $50 million per year.

Mail volume is down 12.6 percent compared with last year, and many postal supervisors simply don’t have enough work to keep all employees busy. But a thicket of union rules prevents managers from laying off excess employees; a recent agreement with the unions, in fact, temporarily prevents the Postal Service from even reassigning them to other facilities that could use them.

Since we know that a good portion of HR 3200 — the health care bill — has been written either by unions or by politician$ with many rea$on$ to appease them (a $10 billion union earmark doesn’t get jammed into a bill by accident), it’s not a stretch to think that Obamacare would bring about similar mandated mis-management, except on an even grander scale.

Obama was right when he said, in a rare fit of complete honesty that argued against his own agenda, that FedEx and UPS were doing fine and that the US Postal Service was a mess. If you missed it, here it is:

And the Prez wonders why support for Obamacare drops like a rock every time he opens his mouth about it? Now it’s dying a slow death in the Senate Finance Committee, which contains many Senators who value their own re-elections a lot more than forcing us to have something we’re too stupid to know we need.

Speaking of FedEx, read this story (have some Kleenex handy) and then tell Michael Moore that “evil, greedy, capitalist pig corporations” can do a lot of good, too — far more than Michael Moore will ever do anyway.

Author: Doug Powers

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