‘From My Cold, Dead Scams!’ — House Democrats Fight to Save ACORN

There were 75 House Dems who voted against de-funding their fake-vote generator and illegal campaign cash ATM, otherwise known as “ACORN,” and now one has some company in trying to make it illegal for the government to de-fund them. Seriously:

Top-ranking liberal lawmaker Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) pressed her colleagues to support a legislative counterpunch to the GOP’s effort to defund the controversial grass-roots organizing group

McCollum, a senior Democratic Whip in her caucus, challenged the 172 Democrats who supported a measure to cut off federal funds for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) to endorse a similar measure geared towards private companies in business with the government.
McCollum circulated a “Dear Colleague” letter for members to sign last week in which she explained that her bill “is modeled after (the Defund ACORN Act) H.R. 3571 but respects the Constituiton by requiring a corporation to be guilty of a felony before federal funds are cut off.”

Hey, I have a better idea — how about we just use common f*#%*@g sense in deciding what and what not to fund? For example, if an organization offers a faux pimp advice on underage hooker trafficking and money laundering, and registers Mickey Mouse to vote, you might not want to wait for them to be convicted of a felony before carefully considering whether or not to give them more of our money.

Wait, I forgot — these are Congressional Democrats we’re talking about here. Nevermind.

Do you think Democrats are starting to freak out a little at the prospect of heading into next year’s elections without being able to funnel public money to their pet vote fraud organization? They’re like a bunch of whiny kids who just had their favorite balloon popped and are now trying to outlaw pins and needles.

And no, I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all that Obama’s presidential sputter and downward spiral started at around the time ACORN was taken out of the loop.

Update: Rep. McCollum, if this leads to a felony conviction, will you agree that ACORN should get no government funding?

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, a democrat, told Eric Shawn on FOX News that ACORN was hiring convicts still in prison -CONVICTED OF IDENTITY THEFT- for canvassing voters.Ross said that by executing a search warrant at ACORN headquarters in Nevada the authorities were able to substantiate charges and have a very solid case against ACORN. They believe they can prove that it’s not just a few bad apples it went much higher up in the organization. Ross believes that ACORN and the regional director should be held accountable for the criminal activity that took place in the state.

I’ll await McCollum’s paraphrase of Whoopi Goldberg: “But that’s not a felony-felony!”

Video of the ACORN/Nevada story is here.

Author: Doug Powers

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