Rush Limbaugh to Buy the NFL’s Most Liberal Team?

Is Rush Limbaugh buying a piece of the NFL’s most liberal team? Could be:

In 2003, Rush Limbaugh had a brief dalliance with the sport he loves, spending a month as the “voice of the fan” on ESPN’s pregame show before resigning after a delayed reaction to comments made regarding Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb triggered a firestorm.

Since then, the mega-rich Rush’s name has bubbled up from time to time as a potential owner of all or part of an NFL team.

And it could be coming to fruition.

Charley Casserly of CBS reports that, of the three groups that submitted bids to buy the St. Louis Rams, one group includes Dave Checketts and Limbaugh.

It’s unknown whether the bid includes the 40 percent owned by Stan Kroenke, or the 60 percent currently held by the two children of the late Georgia Frontiere.

According to OpenSecret, when we look at political donations of team officials, coaches, players and employees, the St. Louis Rams are the NFL team that is the most Democrat, with political donations going 98% Democrat and 2% Republican. This seems like an odd fit for Rush, but maybe he could bring them around.

The teams that would be more Limbaugh-friendly would be the Chargers or the Bengals.

Pittsburgh’s owner, Dan Rooney, is probably the biggest Obama fan of all the NFL owners, so it might not be long before we see Limbaugh’s Rams against Rooney’s Steelers — each with modified logos, of course:




Author: Doug Powers

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