CNN Actually ‘Fact Checks’ Saturday Night Live’s Obama Skit

Over the past weekend, Saturday Night Live opened the show with a skit about the success, or lack thereof, of President Obama’s first-year agenda.

Had this been a shot at Sarah Palin (she didn’t really play the flute at a debate, did she?) or George W. Bush (he never really said “strategery,” did he?) it would have gone by unnoticed and perhaps even promoted as evidence of how political parody helps lighten the mood in such stressful times. But the fact that SNL turned on Obama raised the hackles of the Hopenchange Fact Check Czars at CNN, and they had to retaliate.

The fact that CNN is “fact checking” comedy skits is actually funnier than the skit itself. CNN’s motive is that they’re hoping that Obamacare is passed quickly because it will cover chiropractic treatment for their bad backs caused by carrying The One’s water for so long.

Besides, judging by his performance on “Celebrity Jeopardy,” the last person who should be “fact checking” anything is Wolf Blitzer:

(h/t TheHopeForAmerica)

Update: How long will it be before CNN feels compelled to “fact check” this issue of MAD Magazine?

Author: Doug Powers

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