Gov’t is the Biggest Denier of Health Claims, Not Private Insurers

One of the main justifications Obama and the Democrats have for the “public option” (government health care) is that private insurers — heartless, uncaring pricks that they are — either drop coverage or deny claims in the name of profit, at which point the uninsured presumably perishes in a gutter somewhere. Rep. Alan Grayson has even called these denials a “health care holocaust.”

Obama touts the “fact” that doctors like working with Medicare over private insurers as proof that doctors back his health plan (which is endorsed by the AMA), which would be government-run just like Medicare is.

So, two big reasons to support Obamacare are 1) You’ll no longer have the risk of being denied coverage, and 2) Doctors like working with Medicare, which is a government program that will be the model for Obamacare.

With that in mind, reports that of the following private insurers and the government run Medicare, the largest denier of health care claims is… the program the government runs:


Medicare denies 6.5% of the claims it receives, which is higher than any of the other seven large private insurers listed — double the private insurers average for denied claims.

Obamacare? Stee-rike three!

Author: Doug Powers

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