Red Dawn II Production Crew Blows Up Building in Detroit, Nobody Notices Difference

The Red Dawn remake is in production, and what better city in which to depict the horrible aftermath of unchecked socialist, communist and Marxist aggression than Detroit?

It’s said that the villian(s) in the remake will be Russians and Chinese, but given the fact that the director has donated money to Obama — as has one of the film’s co-writers — I have a feeling that some additional threats to freedom will be insurance executives who moonlight as racist tea partiers and disrupt the town hall meetings of well-intentioned liberal politicians.

The boom-boom happens at about the :45 second mark — I might be crazy, but I think you can see former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick planting the only copy of his personal finances in the building just before it blows:

It’s somewhat appropriate that there was a big explosion in Detroit yesterday, because it coincided with the Detroit Tigers giant implosion in Minneapolis last night.

Author: Doug Powers

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