No Hope for the Holidays: CVS Stores Pull ‘Chia Obama’ From Shelves

CVS stores, with the help of other outside influences no doubt, just made my Christmas shopping season a lot more difficult:

nullIn CVS stores for less than a week, the Commander in Chia has already gotten the boot.

The chain Tuesday said it is no longer selling the Chia planter modeled after President Obama.

Chia Pet maker Joseph Enterprises launched an ad blitz leading up to the sales of its Chia Obama last week in Chicago, San Francisco and Tampa, Fla., the first time the item was in a major chain since Walgreens abruptly pulled it after a few days of testing last spring.

Walgreens officials said they received a few complaints. CVS would not say why it stopped the sales.

Fortunately, they didn’t pull them from the shelves before I managed to get my hands on the “limited edition” version, which comes complete with commemorative “seeds of hope” and the First Lady gardening on the head:


Author: Doug Powers

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