Gold Medal for the Money Toss: White House Olympic Office Will Remain Open


The brains behind the bidding process for the Chicago 2016 Games will continue to operate on behalf of our athletes. I wonder how much this is going to cost:

Despite the embarrassing rejection of his effort to lure the 2016 Olympic Games to his hometown of Chicago, President Barack Obama will keep the first-ever White House Olympic Office, POLITICO has learned.

The White House stressed that the office, officially called the White House Office of Olympic, Paralympic and Youth Sport, is permanent and has purposes other than helping U.S. cities bid on and host the Olympics.

“It was always our intention that this office would continue to exist regardless of the outcome of the 2016 bid,” said a White House official, explaining that the office will work to boost youth sports and will coordinate with the State Department and other agencies to facilitate U.S. athletes’ participation in the Olympics and Paralympics in other countries.

Good Lord, now we’re even trying to nationalize youth sports.

The “Chicago 2016” group raised millions of dollars in private and corporate donations, so why can’t a similar group be created to help our athletes? It could — but what’s the point when it’s so much easier just to use taxpayer money? Also, Chicago 2016 is laying off most of its 57 employees, so I wonder how many of them might just happen to find a job now in the White House Olympic Office.

By the way, one of the stated goals for the WHOO is this:

Engage in outreach to state and local government officials, nonprofit organizations and the private sector

Anyone else just catch a whiff of ACORN?

Author: Doug Powers

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