Correcting Al Sharpton’s Letter to the NFL

Judging from the letter that Al Sharpton sent to the NFL to demand that the league not sell the St. Louis Rams to Rush Limbaugh, the Reverend might want to consider getting a new secretary — if he has one. Either that or use some of the cash he extorts from people to buy updated MS Word software.

Here’s the letter Sharpton sent (PDF here):


“Rush Limbaugh been divisive…”? Limbaugh also been controversial, but I bet he also been able to write better than this.

This thing’s like a Where’s Waldo of mistakes, so in a bipartisan gesture, I’ve tried to help. Click the pic for a larger view:


I gave it my best shot, and now Sharpton can never say that I haven’t done my part for race relations. Sure, he could still accuse me of rape, but nobody’s perfect.

Author: Doug Powers

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