Joining the Call for Illegals to Boycott 2010 Census

To this I can only tell the president, “If you call this bluff, I’ll actually believe that you deserve your Peace Prize”:

Angered by President Obama’s lack of success in legalizing illegal immigrants, some Hispanic activists are urging all Hispanics to boycott the 2010 census as a sign of displeasure.

Other groups have asked the federal government to suspend immigration raids while census takers are in the field, hoping that will make illegal immigrants more likely to respond to questions.

Sure, and while we’re at it, let’s not arrest bank robbers for the duration of the census so we can get an accurate count of that particular sect of lawbreakers without chasing them off as well.

Hispanic activists are already disturbed by the fact that Obama’s count of “uninsured Americans” suddenly dropped from 47 million to 30 million — meaning the president has already excluded them from the health care census.

I agree with the Hispanic activists. Illegals, you’re not going to take this crap, are you? Boycott the next census. The wallets of legal, taxpaying Americans could use the break and at the same time you’d be getting back at the president who lied to you.

You know, the fact that this is even a debatable topic is evidence enough that the United States as we knew it is in deep trouble.

Author: Doug Powers

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