Rush Has No Place in the NFL, But Look Who Does

NFL Commish Roger Goodell said that Rush Limbaugh and his “divisive comments” have no place in the NFL.

What does have a place in the NFL? Here’s a short list of players who were active after being convicted of felonies — I added Michael Vick to a list I found here:

— Michael Vick: felony dogfighting charges
— Leonard Little: vehicular manslaughter/DUI
— Michael Irvin: felony drug possession
— Ray Lewis: obstruction of justice in a murder
— Plaxico Burress: felony weapon possession (in jail but not yet banned for life from the NFL)
— Pacman Jones: technically a felon since he pled guilty to obstruction of an officer case in GA

And what has Limbaugh done? Said some words that some people disagree with — and in some cases he hasn’t said them at all because the quotes have been made up.

As for owners, former wide receiver Tim Brown once accused Al Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, of being a racist. What’s Al still doing in the NFL, Rog? Isn’t the mere accusation enough? It’s certainly enough to exclude Limbaugh from your little club.

What a joke the NFL is making of itself. Fortunately, I’m a Lions fan, so I’m all too used to jokes.

Update: How’s this for timing — Fergie (Stacy Ferguson), a singer with the Black Eyed Peas, has been approved by the NFL to be a part-owner of the Miami Dolphins.

Here’s part of the lyrics for a BEP song called “Head Bobs” (this was released before Fergie joined the band):

I’m hard to handle like bikes with no bars
We excite stores that got dykes leaving doors
Unlock the heated ’cause they know when I sex well
Left them breathless now they’re waiting to exhale
Waiting to exhale with some competition
So come in and test well
The next one gets hung and chip of a chisel
I’m making chicks’ nipples sizzle
There’s no question to the way I rip the riddle
I’m awesome, I bring on monsoon when I bloom and blossom
And run over niggas like opossums

But since that was recorded pre-Fergie (though clearly that sort of thing didn’t turn her off enough not to join the group), let’s look at some post-Fergie BEP work just to be fair. Here’s one called “Pump It”:

Ha ha ha
Pump it
Ha ha ha
And pump it (louder) [4x]

Turn up the radio
Blast your stereo

Niggas wanna hate on us (who)
Niggas be envious (who)
And I know why they hatin’ on us (why)
Cause that’s so fabulous (what)
I’ma be real on us (c’mon)
Nobody got nuttin’ on us (no)
Girls be all on us, from London back down to the US (s, s)

Or the 2009 song “Electric City”:


Na Na NaNa Na Na NaNa

Ghetto blaster blastin’ on your block
Pumpin out megahurtz (mega-megawatts)
You can get electric shock from my flow
Bitches on my dick (Oh No) They on my dildo
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
I get the money money, I get dough
EQ the equalizer for the stereo

Peruse all the band’s lyrics and I’m sure you’ll find numerous other examples of the kind of high-class that the NFL is looking for in its ownership.

But anyway, back to how Rush Limbaugh is way too inappropriate for the NFL…

Update II: ESPN is reporting that Limbaugh has been dropped from the team of bidders.

Author: Doug Powers

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