Should NFL Have ‘Liberal’ and ‘Conservative’ Instead of AFC and NFC? Plus, Goodell Trivia

The title of this post is less of a question and more of a modest proposal to the National Football League.

How about we settle this stupid political sniping by just scrapping the AFC and NFC and making a LFC and a CFC? That way football would be fair to everybody, regardless of political leaning. Sure, the conservatives will win the Super Bowl on the backs of the poor, and it will be a bitch to convince the liberals that because their plays work on the chalkboard doesn’t mean they’ll work on the field, it’s the fairest way I can think of to settle this.

Write to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and let him know:

By the way, do you know who Goodell’s wife is? I’ll give you a hint… she’s affiliated with an entity that liberals hate almost as much as Rush Limbaugh…

Goodell is married to Jane Skinner of… of… ::gulp:: Fox News!

Roger Goodell has the audacity to call Limbaugh unfair and ridiculously biased while he is sleeping with a representative of the sworn enemy of the World Minister of Hope and Change? That alone should be enough to get Goodell excommunicated from the NFL.

Incidentally, Skinner is the architect of one of my favorite news anchor bloopers of all time.

Update: Limbaugh explains being dropped from the bidding team.

(h/t for the Goodell info to some dude at Free Republic)

Author: Doug Powers

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