Psychiatrist: Why Conservatives Listen to Rush Limbaugh

Do you listen to conservative talk radio? If so, do you know why? One shrink does.

CNN asked a psychiatrist why people listen to Rush and others, and she came up with a doozy of a “because they like to feel like they’re under the bully’s wing on the playground” diagnosis. Well, that’s good to know. I’m relieved that it didn’t boil down to conservatives suffering a Freudian sexual attraction to their mothers, and, absent that, they seek domineering, whip-wielding parental-figures on the radio dial.

The gem in this clip is Air America’s Randi Rhodes claiming that people don’t listen to liberal talk radio nearly as much as conservative talk radio because of “access.” Now that’s funny. That’s like a food salesman complaining that nobody’s buying his excrement sandwiches because the grocery stores have unfairly conspired to keep them off their shelves because they’re biased toward the foods that don’t make people puke.

I learned a lot about myself from this analysis — namely that I listen to talk radio because it’s not CNN:

CNN didn’t bother to ask the shrink why liberals listen to NPR. I’d like to hear that answer. You just know it would contain some Jungian mumbo-jumbo about synchronicity and butterflies.

(h/t AllahPundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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