Reason #329 to Leave the U.N.: ‘Counterterrorism Measures Risk Unduly Penalizing Transgender Persons’

Whenever you need a laugh, the United Nations is there:

( – A report by U.N. Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin that is awaiting approval by the United Nations General Assembly says that security measures taken to detect terrorists “risk unduly penalizing transgender persons whose personal appearance and data are subject to change.”

The report, which was issued August 3, places emphasis on “persons of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities” and recommends that counterterrorism operations be more sensitive to gender issues.

On page 19 the report says: “Enhanced immigration controls that focus attention on male bombers who may be dressing as females to avoid scrutiny make transgender persons susceptible to increased harassment and suspicion.”

Why am I guessing that the Napolitano-run DHS will run with this report when it gets U.N. approval? That sound you hear is Al Qaeda picking up the phone to recruit trannies.

The U.N. bureaucratic logic is probably something along the line of this: Lax security due to a fear of offending transgenders may mean that at some point a guy might get his junk blown off in a terrorist attack and become transgender, and the U.N. has thus ensured that this person will be protected from future harassment just because he’s a transgender. In the politically-correct circle of life, this makes sense.

The U.N. is suggesting security agents be issued the following video for sensitivity-training purposes:


Author: Doug Powers

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