New MoveOn Ad: An Ounce of Obamacare is Worth a Graham of Cure

Below is a new ad touting the “public option” which features actress Heather Graham.

The ad depicts Graham winning a race against the fat-cat private insurers because she’s fit and trim (when you think “government” you think “fit and trim,” right?) — but what the ad doesn’t show is the “public option” runner being rendered immobile by the 300 million sucklings she’s buried in:

The entire premise of the ad is bunk anyway. One of the main “selling points” for Obamacare is that people won’t be dropped from coverage or have their claims denied so greedy private health insurers can stuff their pockets with profit, but as I’ve written before, when it comes to the health care program the government currently operates — Medicare — vs. private insurers, the federal government is the biggest denier of health claims:


Another talking point for Obamacare is that the government isn’t concerned about profits, but that shouldn’t concern us as much as the fact that they don’t care about losses, either.

Or you can just take Heather Graham’s word for it — celebrities are never wrong.

Author: Doug Powers

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