How the Obama Administration is Meeting the ‘Green Gov Challenge’ Head On

The White House has something that was launched yesterday called the “Green Gov Challenge”:


Because one of the main things our military should be preoccupied with is making Al Gore and Ed Begley, Jr. happy.

Keep in mind this call for environmental stewardship is from the same bunch who OK’d flying a 747 around the Statue of Liberty for a friggin’ photo op and a First Couple who traveled on separate jets to the same European destinations.

That hypocrisy aside, there are ways the Obama administration has helped make the government “greener.” Here are just a few:

— Because many Obama administration officials and members of Congress don’t report their assets or dodge taxes, thousands of trees that would have otherwise ended up as tax forms for government officials have been saved.

— Countless tons of potential carbon emissions saved by not sending all those requested troops to Afghanistan.

— Obama’s filling his administration with as many Mao Zedong fanatics as possible, which has the potential for major eco-friendy goodness. Humans are responsible for global warming, so it’s simple mathematics: Mao killed in the neighborhood 40 million carbon nightmares, known in some circles as “people.” Obama’s science czar once predicted that a billion humans would die in carbon-dioxide famines. If Mao were around today, he wouldn’t be known as the madman who killed 40 million, but rather the hero who saved the lives of 960 million people!

— Did their part to ensure that no Olympic torch flame will be polluting Chicago in 2016.

— Scrapping plans for a missile defense shield will lessen the carbon footprint a missile attack has on the environment. If an Iranian missile shot towards Israel burns 4 tons of rocket fuel en route, and a defense missile burns 2 tons to catch it and destroy it, the harm to the environment is increased by a full 50%. Polar bears and the ice caps shouldn’t have to pay the price for an overly defensive society.

— An ever-increasing unemployment rate caused by the job stimulus package means fewer people are driving to work every day, which will have a tremendously positive impact when it comes to meeting the 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The Obama administration is meeting it’s green goals, and with our help, we’ll meet their green goals too — even if it kills us.

Author: Doug Powers

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