Obama: The Thrill is Gone and I Need Your Money to Get it Back

President Obama spoke at a $30,000 per couple fundraiser last night in NYC (how much health care for the needy could that have paid for?) and seems to think that the thrill is gone:

“I hope that everybody here is willing to recapture that sense of excitement that comes from a big but achievable challenge, not a superficial excitement that comes from election day, but an excitement that comes from knowing we took on something that had to be taken on.”

This is the problem politicians run into when their success or failure doesn’t depend on achievements but rather in generating excitement over their visions. An actual achievement is secondary to the excitement (and ergo votes) that are generated in simply outlining a “goal” — in Obama’s case freebies and entitlements. This is why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize — for his “goals” and not for any achievements.

If you reach your goal, great. If you don’t, blame Bush or Fox News. We’ll be seeing the latter a hell of a lot more than the former in the next three years.

But this approach could also be his political downfall. It’s not like he’s promising to free people from an oppressive government regulations or confiscatory taxation. Precisely the opposite. Most of Obama’s “big but achievable challenges” involve tangible promises to voters (health care, citizenship for illegals, government jobs, free college, etc) and there’s only so long The Deliverer can maintain any level of excitement within the ranks without actually delivering anything.

If you promise voters that you’ll free them from an increasingly oppressive government and fail, they might overlook it. But if you promise to give everybody a free toaster and don’t deliver, you’re finished. Hence the collective letdown on the left. So far there’s been no toaster at the end of the rainbow of rhetoric.

In honor of Obama’s admission of a lost sense of excitement in the Democratic Party (if he thinks that’s bad he should try being a Republican), here’s BB King with The Thrill is Gone:

(h/t for “The Thrill is Gone” to Newsbusters)

Author: Doug Powers

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