Home Depot Fires Employee for ‘Religious’ Flair, Manager of Chotchkie’s Unavailable for Comment

Trevor Keezer has been fired from Home Depot for refusing to take off his “One nation under God… indivisible” button.

People are turning this into a religious debate, but I’m willing to bet that Keezer got fired less for the content of the button, and more because it wasn’t in Spanish. Every time I go into Home Depot and try to read the signs I think I must have gotten drunk and somehow ended up in a Tijuana hardware store — and that’s in Michigan.

Employees do have the right to make demands on what is or isn’t worn by their employees, provided the rules are fair and uniform, if you will. Is this a strict across-the-board policy by Home Depot that no employees will wear any religious-type flair whatsoever? According to somebody from Home Depot in the video below, yes, it is a policy.

However… to seriously test that policy we’d have to first make Home Depot answer some questions honestly: Would they fire someone who refused to stop wearing a button displaying a picture of Muhammad? How about a hijab with “I-heart-Iran” written on it? A ball cap with one of those Darwin fish on it? A Fox News t-shirt? (In the age of The New Hope, that last one is a no-brainer)

Here’s the guy in question, explaining his wildly offensive, Bible-thumping, nationalistic button:

If anybody is reading this near Okeechobee, Florida and are angered by this, don’t boycott Home Depot or anything like that. Start passing out these buttons to customers going in the store.

Author: Doug Powers

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