The Obamacare Flu: Preview of Coming Attractions?

Those in line at one school in Oakland County, Michigan for swine flu vaccinations had a wait of several hours. This story is repeated many times around the country.

I can’t help but wonder how many people are catching an illness just by waiting in the long lines. But this mess has lot of people are asking: “Are these long lines and short supplies indicative of what government health care would be like?”

Probably not. I’m guessing that with the swine flu vaccine mess, we’re looking at the government at its finest and that this is a best-case scenario. That there are long lines because of a sudden panic to get vaccinated isn’t a surprise, and it isn’t in and of itself evidence of government failure. What is evidence of government failure and still isn’t a surprise is that the government once again missed its predicted supply goal by a huge margin.

The government — the same one that budgeted Cash for Clunkers to run for three months and ran out of money in a week — had predicted that by this time 40 million doses of H1N1 vaccine would be available. Only about a quarter of that amount has been produced.

Do you want that bunch in charge of making sure everybody who needs it has enough of their heart meds, cancer treatments or dialysis? They can’t run a frickin’ car sale without an epic fail, fer crissakes.

Here’s the line in Oakland County, Michigan — given this, I’d rather take my chances on a bit of fever and nausea, thank you very much:

And here’s a man with a warning we should all heed outside a flu shot line in Kansas:


One woman has perhaps realized where the nirvana of Obamacare could be leading:

In Baltimore, resident Ivette Brown expressed her frustration with the system.

“We’ve been turned away. We were told they don’t have anything,” Brown told ABC News. “My children’s health is at stake.”

What should really scare her is that if the government was operating 50% more efficiently that would only mean that she’d have been turned away twice as fast.

At this point I’d be hesitant to give my kids the vaccine. The production of it is being rushed, and we know how badly the government screws up things they’re taking their time on let alone something they’re in a hurry to make.

Author: Doug Powers

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