Rep. Steve King Sacks NFL’s Goodell Over Comments About Limbaugh

Earlier this month I wrote about Rush Limbaugh being dropped from a group of potential buyers of the St. Louis Rams because, as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, that kind of divisiveness “has no place in the NFL.”

After reading about that, I looked around a bit and found out who does have a place in the NFL, and those facts didn’t escape Rep. Steve King as he questioned Goodell today:

Goodell was in Washington to testify about concussions and their relation to problems later in life, which is perfect because nobody knows more about brain damage than Congress.

And don’t forget my favorite part of this whole Goodell/Limbaugh thing: Goodell is married to Jane Skinner of… Fox News. Had Rep. King pointed that out at the start of his questioning, Goodell might have been kicked out of Washington for good.

Update: Corrected from earlier… I got my Rep. Kings mixed up. This is Steve King, not Peter (they’re both Republicans, so at least no Democrats were insulted by my first-name error). Thanks to Kevin S. for catching that and emailing!

Author: Doug Powers

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