Cash for Clunkers Cost Taxpayers 24k Per Car, Public Health Announcement Closed to Public

From the same people who might soon be in charge of your “free” health care:

Taxpayers ended up paying an average of $24,000 per vehicle for the Cash for Clunkers program over the summer when sales that would have happened anyway are taken into consideration, says car buying research site
But says a lot of those sales would have happened anyway, with or without the clunkers program. Of more than 690,000 vehicles sold, only about 125,000 of the sales were entirely due to the government’s added inducement, says. The rest of buyers just got lucky by getting the government to kick cash into deals that they would have proceeded with anyhow. When the cost of the program is spread over just those extra incremental sales, the total is $24,000 per vehicle.

The “incremental” is where private sector businesses live and die, and it’s what the government doesn’t have to pay attention to because they can just pass the expense generated by their in-house theorists who live in a vacuum on to the rest of us.

The government could have just bought those 125,000 people who made a new purchase only because of the program a brand new car and the total cost to consumers and taxpayers would have been almost cut in half. But I’m hesitant to mention that, because the next thing you know the government will announce that they’re going to buy anybody who needs one a new car. Based on the above data, they’ll only budget for 125,000 cars. Yes, they’re that stupid.

Factor in the perfectly good cars that were destroyed that could have at least been donated to those who could use reliable transportation, taxpayers who were screwed on this sham, and car buyers who were enticed to go into debt to buy something they might not have needed, and this made for one perplexing “stimulus” program.

The Non-Public Public Option

Speaking of government idiocy, it’s a sign of things to come that Stretch Pelosi’s “public health care bill” announcement was closed to the public (I’ll bet the SEIU got in). Before you know it, you won’t have access to your own medical records because it’s none of your business.

Here’s a guy who tried to get into the public area to watch Pelosi announce the House health care bill and was told “you’re not authorized per the Speaker’s staff.” I have a feeling this is what it’s going to be like trying to get in to see a doctor under Obamacare:

Author: Doug Powers

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