Chavez Gives Sean Penn Message for Obama, McChrystal Still On Hold

Sean Penn met with Hugo Chavez again. The pair met on quite a while ago and the relationship has worked out well so far, but this time Chavez has given Penn a message to deliver to President Obama:

Chavez added that he discussed politics with Penn, who said he would soon see U.S. President Barack Obama. Chavez said he’d asked Penn to tell Obama he should take action to earn his Nobel Peace Prize , and should scrap a plan for the U.S. military to increase its presence at bases in Colombia.

“They gave him the Nobel Prize, very well, now he should earn it,” the socialist leader said, paraphrasing an open letter by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore to the U.S. president.

Penn told Chavez that he’d be meeting with Obama soon. Maybe General McChrystal should give Penn a message to deliver to Obama — it might be the only way for him to be heard on the Afghanistan issue.

Why doesn’t Sean Penn just shut up and move in with Chavez already? Nah. I don’t think Penn is particularly bright, but at least he’s smart enough never to move to a country that practices what he preaches.

And I don’t want to know what a dictator’s idea of “earning” a Nobel Prize is.

Do you feel like this Obama/Nobel Prize thing is turning out like the ending of a socialist version of Saving Private Ryan?


“Barack… earn this…”

Author: Doug Powers

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