Dozens of Reps. Under Ethics Investigation: Stealing Trillions of Dollars in 1,990 Pages Still Perfectly Legal Though

The Washington Post is reporting that dozens of members of the House of Representatives are under investigation by a House Ethics Committee (Today’s contradiction in terms is brought to you by M&Ms! Melts in your mouth, not in your hand!).

The info came to light after a staffer accidentally put the memo on a publicly accessible computer network. Don’t worry though, your personal health records will be completely safe in the hands of these people.

In any case, what should be amazing is that Nancy Pelosi’s name isn’t on the list. Among House members, she’s the one responsible for trying to steal the most money this year, but she did it the correct way.

In Congress, an “ethics violation” is merely a theft, bribery, kickback or some other unscrupulous behavior that didn’t go through the proper channels.

Author: Doug Powers

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