GeralDOH!: ‘President Osama Bin La…’

In today’s episode of “Freudian slips of the best kind,” we have Geraldo Rivera appearing on Fox News, who called the U.S. President “Osama Bin La…” before stopping himself, acting like he got the wind knocked out of him, and having to be talked down briefly by the other hosts. “That’s okay… that’s okay…”

This isn’t as funny as the time Geraldo got bowled over by storm surge waves during Hurricane Ike, but it’s a good palate cleanser heading into the weekend. You can tell he really wanted to crawl inside Capone’s vault and shut the door after this — which is something I’ve wanted him to do for some time now:

Don’t worry, Geraldo — even the most loyal Obamaniacs, such as Chris Matthews, have had the blood drained from their brains by their hope & change induced erections and made similar gaffes. The late Ted Kennedy really got the two names mixed up a while back. Why? I’ll leave that question to those who know more about political psychology than I do.

Be careful though, Geraldo — if the president is around and you make that slip, he will correct you.

(h/t Newsbusters)

Author: Doug Powers

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